PA35 Reaming Machine

Item número.: PA35
Boring bar:  Φ35mm×870mm
Boring Range: Φ25mm~Φ50mm( cutter bar)
                        Φ40mm~Φ80mm (boring bar)
On Site Reaming Machine PA35
  • Reaming Machine for coupling hole machining PA35.  The maximum boring diameter of the equipment is Φ80mm, the minimum boring diameter is Φ25mm, and the floating cutter can be installed for processing to improve the processing quality. The coupling holes repair reaming machine PA35 used in on-site field and mobile machining services is mainly composed of rotational drive unit , feed unit, mast, screw, power system, control cabinet and other components. This mobile on-site reaming machine is for reaming of coupling holes
  • This on-site portable reaming machine for flange holes repair has already assembled and adjusted before shipment, The user only needs to install the machine to one end of the workpiece to be processed by auxiliary tooling. This machine is calibrated to the equipment and the workpiece to be machined by four adjustment nuts on the four heightening nuts and auxiliary tooling.
  • The mobile on-site reaming machine PA35 is for reaming of coupling holes, its structure is reasonable, the installation is simple, and it is easy to install and use in a small space, correction is quick and accurate. Powerful, with a maximum cutting depth of up to 2 mm on one side. The mast head has a Morse taper for easy installation of tools of different sizes and shapes. has the function of reaming, boring and reaming.
  • The main bearing is equipped with imported double row cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings. The precision is high and the steel is large. The boring bar is made of alloy structural steel and is made by special technology. It has high strength, high hardness and high precision. Good toughness, hard chrome plating, good wear resistance and no rust.
Note: This machine can be customized to meet different requirements, and the final technical data will be confirmed             based on customer’s needs.
Standard Accessories:
  • Power drive unit
  • Feeding unit
  • Boring bar
  • Servo motor
  • Speed reducer
  • Cutter bar 3# for standard cutter.
  • Cutter bar 3# for flatting cutter
  • Electric cabinet with 10 meters of power wire( can cut off the power supply urgently)
  • Handheld controller ( control line 10 meters)
  • Full set of wrenches
  • Ordinary file 1 size 12×12, hard alloy
Model PA35
Boring bar Φ35mm×850mm or customized length
Max. rotation speed 120rpm/stepless
Feeding auto/manual
Axial feeding
0.05-0.45mm/r and can be fed in
Boring range
Φ25mmΦ50mm( cutter bar)
Φ40mmΦ80mm (boring bar)
Max. depth 160mm 160mm
Max.cutting depth 2.5mm
The device drive mode servo motor
Servo motor power 1KW
Rated speed is 3000rpm 3000rpm
Roundness ≤0.015mm