PB150 Line Boring Machine

Item número.: PB150
Line Boring Machine PB150

Boring Range: Boring Range:  Ø180mm- Ø 1500mm

Boring Bar: Ø150x2000/3000/4000/5000mm/6000/7000/8000mm

Product Name: Line Boring Machine PB150

  • The PB Series line boring machine consists of boring rod, main axis box, feeding box
           power unit, support, end surface machining parts, milling parts, etc. consists of boring rod, axial rotational drive              unit, servo motor, feeding box power unit, supports, facing head assembly machining parts, boring tools, etc.
           Impact  structure,  easy  to  operate,  install  and dismantle.
  • Processing and repairing of pipe inner hole, engineering machine, small scaled ship fixed hole, ship axis hole, etc. Processing and repairing of pump body, valve , turbine holes, etc. providing services for many fields, such as mining, marine engineering, shipping, petrol, electric power, etc.
  • Impact structure, easy to operate, install and dismantle.
  • High-strength alloy steel boring rod and accurate transmission structure can guarantee the accusation and efficiency of processing.
  • High-accurate spherical roller bearing is used in supporting seat, enabling quick installation
           and adjustment of machine before machining.
  • Vertical, horizontal or tilt installation can be chosen.
  • Power unit includes electrical and hydraulic power, equipped with remote control box, which make much more convenience.
  • Many kinds of machining can be achieved with appropriate parts, such as boring, end surface machining, drilling, expanding hole, blind hole boring, etc.

Standard Accessories:
  • Rotational drive unit
  • Feeding unit
  • Boring bar
  • Screw lead
  • Mountings (single arm or double arms mountings or others )
  • Japan NSK Self-aligning bearing installing supports
  • Center support
  • Tool heads for holes from 180mm-1500mm
  • Cutter tools
  • Japan servo motor and high precision speed reducer (electric power)
  • or Hydraulic power and all its system (hydraulic power)
  • Electric cabinet
  • Remote controller
Technical data:
Model PB150
Boring bar Φ150mm
Length of boring bar 2000/3000/4000/5000/6000/7000/8000mm
Boring diameter range Φ230mm-Φ1500mm
End face range: Φ270mm-Φ1600/1700mm
Boring   bar    speed 0~54rpm or 1-162 rpm (stepless)
Feeding 0.180.26mm/r two steps
Max.cutting depth 3mm
0.03mm ( when the hole diameter 300mm)
0.04mm ( when the hole diameter 500mm)
  0.1mm ( when the hole diameter 1200mm)
Hole taper
0.03mm/ ( when the hole diameter 500mm)
0.04mm/ ( when the hole diameter 500mm)
  0.1mm ( when the hole diameter 1200mm)
Surface roughness Ra3.2